Formação Profissional para o Mercado de Trabalho em Angola

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    Promoting women in a male dominated sector
    Labour market challenges in Angola
    Even when the FormPRO programme is not focused on expanding gender possibilities in work, the underlying message is that, for a nation to prosper, the women of the nation must be incorporated into the labour economy and it takes very little to make them enthusiastic and competent participants. Therefore, the involvement of women and giving them credibility in a variety of fields from which they were previously excluded is done in a subtle but effective way. more
    Story of Idalina, a versatile woman
    A video clip – Comic
    "Vamos Trabalhar – Story of Idalina, a versatile woman" is a collection of animated comics telling the story of a woman, called Idalina, who, together with her husband, learns to plaster a wall. more
    The Electrician
    A Eletricista – a video clip
    The video clip "A eletricista" tells the story of a group of female electricians that explain some basic techniques of how to solve electrical problems to other women. This didactic material intends to ease female access to vocational training. It takes into consideration the reality of daily life of the target group and thus enables comprehension. more
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