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    18.09.2013: Elaboration of Training Manuals for CENFFOR
    This manual presents the main rules for elaborating training manuals in general, and gives specific examples of how CENFFOR should format their own manuals. more
    29.08.2013: FormPRO Terminology
    We have produced an English–Portuguese terminology comprising the terms used in the project. The list intents to support Portuguese speakers to understand the relevant bibliography in English, and communicate with English-speaking TVET experts. more
    23.08.2013: New curriculum “Electrician”
    In an intense process of consulting with expert workers and vocational training institutes, FormPRO, together with INEFOP/MAPTSS, developed a new curriculum for the profession “Electrician” (electricista de construção civil, 1° Nível). The document contains all relevant information about competencies, pedagogical background, and all training units. more
    16.07.2013: Trainer manual for the course „3-D construction based on 2-D technical drawings"
    Quite often, workers in Angola have difficulties understanding a two-dimensional technical drawing and find it hard to construct – for example – a wall accordingly. FormPRO developed this training course in order to facilitate the understanding of 2-D drawings and enable workers to transfer the technical model into reality. T more
    19.06.2013: Learning techniques
    Learning depends largely on the methodology the content is being transmitted with. Successful learning is based on biologic and neuronal mechanisms which need to be considered when realizing a training course. Success factors include: motivation, interest, reinforcement and concentration of learners. more
    25.04.2013: Trainer’s manual "Assessing entrepreneurship potentials"
    FormPRO published a trainers’ manual for a course on entrepreneurship skills, in Portuguese language. The training aims at helping participants to find out whether or not they have the potential to become an entrepreneur. more
    25.04.2013: Trainer’s guide for the didactic film "O pedreiro"
    This trainer’s guide supports the didactic film "O Pedreiro", published as DVD, which introduces three masons who explain how to build a wall. The different chapters of the film show in detail all steps involved when preparing for and building a small annex. more
    05.02.2013: Vamos aprender – Story of Salomé (Trainer’s guide)
    “Vamos aprender – Story of Salomé” is a photo-story that introduces a woman called Salomé, who starts participanting, jointly with her colleagues, in a literacy programme offered by her employer. more
    04.02.2013: Vamos Trabalhar – Story of Castro and Jorge (Trainer’s guide)
    "Vamos Trabalhar – Story of Castro and Jorge" is a photo-story that introduces two young electricians called Castro and Jorge. They are getting prepared to work on a new construction site and take into particular consideration their safety protective clothing and the preparation of the electrical small parts needed for installation. Later on, they successfully finalize their job. more
    04.02.2013: Vamos Trabalhar – Story of Filipe (Trainer’s guide)
    “Vamos Trabalhar – Story of Filipe” is a photo-story that introduces a young man called Filipe. Initially, he works as an informal street-vendor. Later, he joins a vocational training course to become electrician and manages to finish the course, even though facing some difficulties, and to proudly receive his certificate. This enables him to start a formal job. more
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