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    20.06.2013: Jornal No. 9
    This last edition of our Newsletter highlights the activities of the remaining months of the project until 09/2013 and other topics of interest to our readers. We would also like to thank all giz-FormPRO staff – they are presented individually. more
    11.02.2013: Jornal No. 8
    Once again, this edition of our Newsletter presents a variety of the activities FormPRO realized during the past months, and an outlook on future events, among them an international workshop on National Qualification Frameworks. more
    10.12.2012: Jornal No. 7
    In this edition we focus on a large variety of issues related to the topic “future”, among them renewable energies, the photographic exhibition “Future-makers”, the private sector commitment to vocational training and the recent steps of Angola’s DACUM-process.
    We hope you enjoy these and more articles in this extended 12-page-edition of our Newsletter. more
    10.10.2012: Jornal No. 6
    Today we focus on literacy as well as the cooperation with the private sector. This topic was discussed at the international conference „Policy learning in Vocational Skills Development” realized in Switzerland and attended by INEFOP representa- tives. more
    10.08.2012: Jornal No. 5
    According to comments we receive, our newsletter is being perceived as a technical journal in Vocational Training. We would like to continue talking about technical matters. This issue of the Jornal contains, among others, articles on “TVET Top of the international agenda 2012”, the challenges in training of trainers and the development of occupational profiles and curricula. more
    07.06.2012: Jornal No. 4
    May 2012
    Is it possible to learn from other experiences? We are convinced: Yes, while considering the own situation. This is what we intend to do when talking about topics such as: the DACUM approach to develop occupatioal profiles, the concept of National Qualification Frameworks and the introduction of a module on the Assessment of Entrepreneurial Competences. more
    24.03.2012: Newsletter No. 3
    March 2012
    The present edition of the FormPRO Newsletter gives an overview of our understanding on the concepts Capacity Development, Organizational Analysis and Quality Management. more
    10.02.2012: FormPRO - special edition
    CENFOC, the Centre for Vocational Training in Construction, published a special edition of the FormPRO Newsletter to be distributed at the EDUCAngola fair. more
    30.01.2012: Newsletter No. 2
    30.01.2012: Newsletter No. 1
    September 15th, 2012
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