Formação Profissional para o Mercado de Trabalho em Angola

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    Renewable energies and their impact on vocational training
    Interview with Mr. Joaquim Alves, Head of the department for vocational training and rehabilitation in INEFOP
    In an interview with the FormPRO-Newsletter "Vamos Trabalhar!", Mr. Alves talked about an international conference on Renewable Energies he participated in. more
    Summary of the Economic Report of Angola 2011
    The report is prepared by Universidade Católica de Angola, Centro de estudos e Investigação Cientifica-CEIC
    Summary prepared by: Violeta Gerviz, translated by Katharina Graf. more
    The Africa Competitiveness Report 2011 – Angola
    The Africa Competitiveness Report 2011 is the result of collaboration between the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, and the African Development Bank. more
    Economic and Social Reports of Angola 2010 – Summary
    Elaborated by: Universidade Católica de Angola, Centro de Estudos e Investigação Científica (CEIC),
    presented on June 6th, 2011, in Luanda.
    Summarised by Edda Grunwald / Katharina Graf more
    GEM Angola 2010 – Global Entrepreneurship Monitor
    Presented on 09.06.2011 in Luanda
    Summary of the findings: (by Edda Grunwald, Katharina Graf) more
    10 points of action for quality
    Client and producer (or supplier) of a product have to agree on the quality characteristics of a product. This agreement does not have to be expressed verbally or in writing, however both parties have to have the same perception of the process and the final product. more
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